Best Master Card For Bad Credit [Surge Credit Card]

Do you have bad credit? Bad credit concept depends on the credit bureau or the bank you are applying to. But, the general idea is if your credit score is below 600 out of 850, you have bad credit.That’s about 30% of people living in the USA. Once you have bad credit, it is very difficult to get major credit cards until you improve your score.
Fortunately, there are some credit cards that you can get easily with bad credit or no credit at all. You just have to deal with the high interest, high annual fees, and low credit line until you improve your credit note.
                       As long as your account is in good standing, you can reapply for the ones that has more benefits and advantages. One of them is the Surge credit card. It is not a store credit card that you can only use it at one specific store or website. It is actually one of the major credit cards that you can use it anywhere in the world that MasterCard is can apply for Surge Credit Card online.

What does account good standing mean?

It basically means you don’t miss the payments. Not even a minute late with the payments. Otherwise, you will be hit with high interest and late payment fees.
Consequently, you will suffer and be in a position worse than where you started. Because, when you started you didn’t have to pay a $125 annual fee, or 30.99% APR on purchases, or $10 monthly maintenance fee, or up to $37 late payment fee, or up to $37 returned payment fee. It probably makes sense now why you really have to pay attention to your account to be in good standing.

Surge Credit Card Review in detail:

  • Anybody with any credit scores is welcome to apply,
  • Initial credit line on the card is $500 so that it is manageable for most people,
  • It reports to three major bureaus monthly,

The online application is easy and instant. The results are provided online in seconds after you answer the questions, such as name, address, and social security number. Your applications will be reviewed for an unsecured credit card, but you may be approved for a credit card with a $50, $150, or $500 refundable security deposit based on your creditworthiness. Your card will be in the mail in three business days.
Most online Surge credit card applications have resulted in less than a minute. If not the case, or you can’t apply online for some reason you can always call the Surge credit card customer service to ask for the Surge credit card application status, or apply for the card online.
If you are approved, you will be able to use your card anywhere MasterCard logo is available. The Surge credit card is offered to you by Celtic Bank and serviced by Continental Finance Company. They provide free online account management with features; free online account access 24/7, view your statements, make the Surge credit card payments.
Additionally, the company will be offering Surge credit card app for mobile devices with Android and iOS capabilities soon. Then, you will be able to manage your account anywhere right on your smartphone.

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