Best Credit Card for the holiday shopping events – Stage credit card

Comenity Bank listened to the needs of its clients and understand them and offered solutions that will make them happy in terms of using a credit card. Stage credit card is a natural part of this approach.
The stage credit card holders expect a service that they will feel special. Comenity Bank offers this privilege to its clients with . They customize each credit card in line with the needs and preferences of their clients. They designed Stage credit card as a credit card program that anyone could be benefited.
Stage card owners will set their own reward stores. For the first time in USA, Comenity Bank offers Stage credit card with the option of choosing stores as their Stage store and choosing the option of additional discounts, rewards, points, and payments on that store

 The stage credit card Benefits

The stage credit card allows the cardholders to benefit from surprise discounts at the stores according to their preferences.
Bronze, Silver and Gold status credit card holders can benefit from extra rewards applied to holiday shopping events. Different status owners are offered different reward services within the event.
card holders also have more privileges in terms of points they earn in their purchases. Earned points can be up to 2 or 3 times of monthly spending.
Spend $1 and get one, points every day with Stage store card, in addition to exclusive savings, Christmas and birthday rewards, 20% special discounts at special clubs for special clients, exclusive membership in style circle community, $5 payback reward for every 100 points.

Best Features :

Stage credit card is more than just a credit card. One of the best features of Stage credit card is you can make your payments anywhere. The stage credit card payments are not only limited to banks, both also can be made in stores,

  • pay by phone
  • pay online
  • pay by mail

Once you apply for a credit card, you can get 10% discount on your first purchase in addition to 250 bonus VIP points. Also, get exclusive access to 12 savings events per year with advance notifications.
also its not  just a credit card, it’s a platform with privileges. Stage credit card customer service is open 24/7 online. Feel the privilege of connecting to someone whenever, wherever you need.
All these great features come with absolutely no annual fee.
Altogether, Stage credit card will bring a new perspective to the credit card market and also offers new services almost every month that will surprise the credit card holders.
Special discounts on holiday shopping events, lots of rewards and unprecedented points for the purchases, special services for different status card holders, and its near future plans for additional privileged services.
Consequently, Stage credit card will further strengthen its reputation for providing a personalized service in the credit card market. The satisfaction that its clients will have from using Stage credit card will be its main motivation to carry all the good things to them.


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