Best Credit Card to Purchase drinks, foods, and gas [ Sheetz Credit Card Reviews ]

The Sheetz Credit Card is a First National Bankcard that allows holders of the card to easily buy drinks, food, and gas. The card can be used at any time of the day at various stores across the United States.
                  With the card, you can order a menu of food, just the way you like it through a touch screen system for making orders. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to order for coffee when you need to stay awake while driving.
If you travel a lot or have a fleet of cars, the amount you spent on fuel could be lesser as you will get discounts as well as a reward for using the Sheets Credit Card. You can also buy gift cards that will further help you save more on these expenses.

About First National Bank

The first national bank is a bank committed to its customers and tries to be the first in rolling out great rewards and benefits.
      The bank was founded since 1857 and its survival has been linked with its strong commitment and innovation to customers through providing great services as well as supporting customers and local communities through their customer service department.
You are, therefore, assured that your money is safe with the bank and that you can reliably use your card in most stores across the United States.

Applying for a Sheetz Credit Card

You have the option of visiting any First National Bank branch to fill the form for your Sheetz Credit Card.
If you, however, prefer convenience, you can fill Sheetz Credit Card application from your phone or computer and then fill the form.
After submitting your form, you will be contacted as soon as your card is approved. The card should be delivered to you. You can subsequently start enjoying the benefits of the card.


There are some annual charges that you are expected to pay for using the card. The charges are aimed towards raising funds to maintain your card and ensure that you could continue to use your card at any time you wish.
The charges include a 19.99 percent, 17.99 percent or 15.99 percent balance transfers annual percentage rate. There is also an annual percentage rate of 25.24 percent for cash advances as well as an ongoing 19.99 percent, 17.99 percent of 15.99 percent ongoing variable annual percentage rate for balance transfers and purchases, depending on the creditworthiness of the cardholder.
Penalty annual percentage rate, which covers late payment of credit, is 29.99 percent.

Benefits for Members of the Sheets Credit Card

The Sheetz Credit Card comes with a number of features that makes it great for its users. For every gallon of gas you purchase at any Sheetz location, you receive 80 cents.
You further earn 5 points when you spend $100 in Sheetz stores across the country. Using the card for purchases in non-Sheetz stores, however, earns you one point. You can, however, only enjoy some benefits if you have a Sheetz gas station and store very close to you.
Otherwise, the amount you will spend trying to locate a store could be counterproductive, compared to the amount you will be saving by using the card.


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