Best First Class Shopping, First Class Benefits (saks fifth avenue credit card)

Saks Fifth Avenue is well-known for being a luxury department store that sells Designer apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry for women, men and kids. The store offers its own brand credit card to its frequent customers. The Saks Fifth Avenue credit card is issued and managed by Capital One Bank on behalf of Saks Fifth Avenue.
The store credit card has many benefits, including points, gift cards, and special discounts. Once you apply for the card through the company website, you will most probably be approved in seconds, and start using the credit card online. The actual card comes in the mail in a few business days.

The Saks fifth avenue credit card really has great benefits

The card gives points abundantly. For example,

  • With the first purchase of the credit card, you will be offered a gift card worth $25,
  • You can earn 2 to 6 points per dollar spent at the store or online, depending on your annual spending. Just to give an idea: 2 points up to $5K, 4 points $5-$10K, and 6 points more than $10K spent a year.
  • $25 gift card for every 2500 points accumulated,
  • Even more points during the Double and Triple-Point events held throughout the year,
  • Earn extra points on spas, salons, dining, gas & groceries.

In addition to the points and gift cards, the members-only offers, events, and experiences are just endless at Saks. When you use your Saks Fifth Avenue credit card, you will be first to be notified about Designer Sales, and take advantage of Complimentary Valet Parking, Complimentary Storage, and Diamond Concierge Phone Number.
First-time Saks Fifth Avenue credit card users are eligible for a 10% discount one-time only on all purchases made on the account open day. Besides, there is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee for the card.

A store credit card and MasterCard

The store offers two different credit cards to its customers; Saks Fifth Avenue credit card, or Saks Fifth Avenue credit card MasterCard which will be available to customers soon. After an easy online application, and your Saks Fifth Avenue credit card approval, you will be automatically a member of the reward program. Then, you can start earning points towards a Gift Card from the first swipe of your store credit card.
You can earn the points for your purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue,, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH store and Additionally, you can earn 1 point per $1 spent on purchases outside of Saks with the Saks MasterCard.

Online Account Management

By using the company’s secure online account management, you can view your statements, check your transactions, and make Saks Fifth Avenue credit card payments 24/7, anytime, anywhere, and any device. You can also check your points anytime by logging into your SaksFirst Accounts. It is the same as checking if your points balance is included in your monthly billing statements.
In conclusion, the Saks Fifth Avenue credit card has many benefits. Especially the points. For all your purchases at the Saks stores, online, and even outside the Saks stores, you can earn many points each dollar spent on purchases depending on your annual spending, and redeem the points for the Gift Cards. other fashion related credit card may helpful for you.

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