Best Zero Interest Credit Card [Newegg credit card Review]

The Newegg credit card is jointly carried out with Newegg and Synchrony Bank. Take the advantage of promotional financing offers every day, and purchase your needs without delay. It is a credit card that is valid at Newegg online stores, providing you with special financing options.
The card offers a “zero-interest financing” opportunity with min amount purchases. With Newegg credit card and Newegg preferred account, you can follow the promotions throughout the year and take advantage of opportunities.

What does Newegg store credit card do special with payments?

Whatever you buy an item from Newegg, just pay with you the card. No interest if you pay full in the agreed period of 6, 12, 18, 24, or even up to 36months. You can take advantage of the different Newegg financing options with no interest offered by Synchrony bank, including

  •  $199 – $499.98 with a promise to pay in full in 6 months,
  • $499 or more with a  promise to pay in full in 12 months,
  •  select items with a promise to pay in full in 18 months,
  • A purchase on select items with a promise to pay in full in 24 months,
  • Purchase select items with a promise to pay in full in 36 months.

Minimum monthly payments are required during the promised period. If you don’t pay during the period, interest rates apply for the full purchase balance starting from the purchase date.
With a single card, you get all the benefits and rewards of Newegg online stores as well as all the promotional financing options up to 36 months. There are discounts, promotions, and rewards every day. Be sure to check promotions and select items daily at an online store website, and sign up for the promotional emails.

What are the other features of the Newegg credit card?

  • Exclusive promotions to cardholders
  • Live Newegg chats 24/7
  • Keep track of your package with online Newegg tracking
  • No Annual Fee,
  • 29.99% APR on purchases,
  • Secure online Newegg preferred account management
  • The card approval decision in seconds
  • Minimum interest charge $2
  • No liability for fraud

How does the Newegg order process work?

Newegg website is easy and convenient to make orders. Once you are at Newegg website, check for Newegg price match sign.
Once you purchase an item with the sign, if you find a better price at any major retail store than our price, you are eligible to request the difference. As soon as your payment is cleared, the Newegg packaging team will handle your package to send it to you. In a very short time, you can start tracking your package.
With quick and easy online application process, you can speed up your shopping experience by paying with a Newegg credit card.
No min purchase on products and services is necessary to use your card (its similar to gap credit card  ). All you need to do is to apply for the card, get approved in seconds, and start your shopping, and then make a payment plan. It is the most convenient card at Newegg.

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