Best Credit Card for Wide Variety of Products( Meijer Credit Card Review )

Meijer sells a wide variety of products like tools, groceries, and garden supplies. The firm operates in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.
 The company has gone into partnership with Comenity bank and offers its customers with two credit card products; the Meijer credit card and Meijer master card. The MasterCard can be used in any place where MasterCard is accepted while the credit card is only used in Meijer stores only. The review will look at the Meijer credit card.

Overview of the Meijer credit card

The Meijer credit card is a convenient way to save money on gas and other purchases.  You can also get money for college tuition and local charities. All the cardholders will save 5 cents on the Meijer gas when they use the card.
   As a cardholder, you can also choose a local agency for the rewards program.  The agency chosen will get one percent of the purchase price.  You will also benefit from the Meijer credit card cash advance.  Customers can enjoy the rewards and discounts by using the card.
The annual percentage rate is 24.74% which is variable.  You have to make sure that you pay your balance in full to avoid paying a lot of money in the end.   
There is a 25 days grace period after the billing cycle. The grace period only applies when Meijer credit card payment is made in full.  The late payment and returned payment fee is $38.  In case of any problem, you can get help from Meijer credit card customer service. You can get the card if you do not have a good credit card rating.
There are many benefits that you get from using the Meijer credit card.  

  • 10 cents of each gallon of gas that you get from the Meijer gas stations only.  
  • $10 off when you use your card to make your first purchase.
  • also, $10 reward when you use $750 on your card.  

The reward is available on your next shopping trip.  If you fill your tank more often you can make huge savings.  There are also other exclusive savings which include 10% off on any merchandise, shoes, and apparel that you buy.   


  • $10 rewards certificates once one accumulates $750 worth of purchases
  • You can combine you rewards certificates
  • No annual fee


  • The points expire in 12 months
  • Reward certificates expire in 45 days
  • You can only redeem the reward certificates in Meijer purchases
  • There are two digital rewards per day

you can fill the online application to apply for Meijer Credit Card
Store credit cards have very high APR, and you might want to consider that before you apply for the card.  If you will carry the balance, then you need to go for another credit card alternative.  You can opt for other credit cards which are not meant for stores.
It is suitable if you can pay your balance before the interest starts getting charged.  If you are going to use your card occasionally, then you should not get this card. one of other recommended credit card is  Bass pro credit card . 

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