More about Legacy Credit Card

The major selling point of Legacy Credit Cards is the fact that they allow you buy products and services at interest rates that are competitive as well as the fact that you do not have to pay an annual maintenance fee. They have a fixed annual percentage rate of 8.90 percent. The first national cc bank legacy bank allows people earn scorecard rewards point that they can redeem through merchandise or when they travel. With a legacy credit card, you get the opportunity to explore your world as your card aids your ability to pay all over the world.

Legacy Credit Card Application

The first national bank legacy credit card can be gotten by applying for the card through From here, you will be able to find the enroll button that allows you to register for the card. During the process, you will be able to get your User ID as well as password. You will be expected to fill your details including your name, date of birth, occupation, and income amongst others. Ensure that you fill them correctly and attach necessary documents where requested including your passport. After enrolling, you will be able to get your Legacy Credit Card and start using it for payment and other free services.

Legacy Credit Card Login

Logging into your legacy credit card account allows you to carry out transactions in a convenient and simple manner. You might want to make a one-time payment for a product or service. On the other hand, you might want to schedule an auto-pay so that payments are made automatically at a particular time. Here are the steps to achieve these tasks on your Legacy Credit Card.

Legacy Credit Card Auto Pay

With Auto Pay, it is possible for you to schedule an automatic payment so that at a particular date of every month, that payment can be deducted automatically from your savings or checking account. To achieve this, you should take the following steps:

  • If you do not have a legacy card yet, you will have to enroll first.
  • After enrolling, you can log into your online banking platform.
  • Locate the tab titled ‘Payments & Transfers’ on the page and select it.
  • Select the link titled ‘Enroll in AutoPay’ from the navigation in the left side.
  • You can proceed to fill in details such as the amount to be deducted, how frequently it is to be deducted and where it should be deducted to amongst others.

Legacy Credit Card One Time Payment

For Legacy Credit Card One Time Payment, your First National Bank Credit card can be used to pay a bill from a secured website when the bill is due. To achieve this: you have to take the following steps:

  • Observe Steps 1 to 3 from Legacy Credit Card Auto Pay above.
  • Select the feature titled ‘Make a Payment’
  • Fill in the details about the type of payment you want to make and amount.

You should consider getting a First National Bank Legacy Credit Card today! But if you have any unauthorized transaction on credit card report then you should check it deeply, factact free disclosure  may helpful for you to solve it. 

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