Four Unique Benefits of Kay Jewelers Credit Card

There are various types of credit card, with most of them universal, thereby making a lot of people contended with the conventional credit cards. However, as different companies begin to make their own credit cards, they try to add some features to it that make it better than others.
It is common to find a whole range of credit cards offering some percentage cash backs, whenever they are used in certain stores or to purchase some certain items.
This also applies to the Kay Jewelers Credit Card, but beyond that, there are some other interesting benefits that come with Kay Jewelers Credit Card that makes it more attractive to users. Some of the benefits are discussed subsequently.

Kay Jewelers Credit Card Convenient Online Account Management

With your Kay Jewelers Credit card, you can easily manage your account online. Prior to getting your card, you must have applied for the card online, where you will get a username and a password.
Thereafter, you can easily carry out a Kay Jewelers Credit Card login, which will open the platform for you to manage your account. You can make payments, check your recent transactions and fund your credit card among others.

Free Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

Jewelry usually requires maintenance, to keep them in shape and in their best appearance. Base on this, it is important for a lot of people to invest in jewelry inspection and cleaning.
Jewelry inspection help to ensure that you get the right quality of jewelry you want to buy. It could also entail getting the current value of your jewelry.
Jewelry cleaning is important to keep the shiny and attractive look of your jewelry. It is generally recommended to clean your jewelry at least once a year, especially when you use it regularly. You can enjoy free jewelry cleaning and inspection with your Kay Jewelers credit card
Advance Notice of Upcoming Sales and Events
Have you ever suddenly come across an amazing deal and you wish that you were aware a month or earlier so that you could have saved it? Chances are that you have found yourself in such a situation several times in the past.
With your Kay Jewelers credit card, you will no longer be in the dark or come across such sudden deals, especially with regards to jewelry. You will get regular advance notice of upcoming sales and events that come with very attractive deals you will not want to miss.
With the details of such events, you will be able to save purposely ahead, knowing when the event is coming up and how much you will need to spend for what part of the event you want to partake or for the jewelry you will love to buy.

12 Month Special Financing Available

If you want to benefit from special financing for jewelry, then the Kay Jewelers Credit card offers such benefits as well. With the 12 months special financing, it will be easy for you to enjoy special finance by just meeting easy conditions. You can contact the customer care of the credit card company for such details.

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