Your jewelry comes with special financing now [Jared credit card]

The Jared credit card not only brings you exceptional jewelry, services, and the Galleria of Jared but also offers you unique financial options that you can’t say no. It is a credit card jointly carried by Community Bank or Genesis FS Card Services.
Enjoy the benefits of worldwide selection of great diamond prices with special financing opportunities.  It is a credit card that is valid at the Jared online store and Jared physical locations in almost every state of the USA. The card offers a no interest financing plan if paid in full within 12 months on purchases of $1,000 or more.
Minimum 20% down payment required to be eligible for financing and it cannot be paid by Jared credit card. Minimum monthly payments are required during the promised period. If you don’t pay during the period, interest rates apply for the full purchase balance starting from the purchase date.
With a single card, you get all the benefits and rewards of Jared jewelry as well as all the promotional 12 or 18 financing plan. Of course, there are discounts, promotions, and rewards every day. Be sure to check promotions and select items daily at the Jared website, and sign up for email updates to be the first to know when the Jared stores have special promotions and discounts.

What are the other features of the Jared credit card?

  • Exclusive advance notice of upcoming sales and events to cardholders
  • Free jewelry cleaning and inspection
  • No Annual Fee, (you dont want to pay annual fee for fry’s credit card too  )
  • 26.99% APR on purchases,
  • Secure online Jared account management. With convenient Jared credit card login, easily make your Jared credit card payments, view statements, update profile, access your account 24/7.
  • The card approval decision in seconds
  • Minimum interest charge $2
  • Minimum payment $30
  • No liability for fraud

With quick and easy online Jared credit card application, you can speed up your shopping experience by paying with a Jared credit card. No min purchase on products and services is necessary to use your card.
Most people apply for the card for special financing opportunities. You will most probably be prequalified in seconds as most people do. Because it is not necessary to have good credit to have a Jared credit card.
Once you receive your card, simply activate it by registering Jared website. Then, you will have all the benefits of promotions, discounts, and rewards of Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

Where else can I use my Jared credit card?

Although Jared the Galeria of Jewelry and Kay Jewelers belong to the same parent company, Sterling Jewellers.
They all offer different credit cards with their own store brand. Being that, it is not exactly known or advised to use the Jared credit card at Kay Jewelers, and vice versa. Because Jared and Kay are managed and operated differently, and store management would rather have their own store’s brand credit card.
However, it would not hurt anybody to ask for if they take sister company’s credit card. They may accept it depending on the person at that time.
To summarize, you will have a line dedicated to your card. You can get all benefits of an exclusive jewelry store from a single point with a special interest-free financing plan.


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