Best Credit Card for jack and Jill Customers (J Jill Credit Card )

Credit cards have become a must-have in today’s world. However, if they land into the wrong hands, they can be dangerous. If you do not handle your credit card appropriately, then you can go into massive debts. One of the new credit cards in the market now is  J Jill credit card.

J Jill Credit Card Overview

Jack and Jill have partnered with Comenity capital bank and has a credit card with attractive discounts for its customers. You will be dealing with the bank when making your payment and even to get customer service assistance.   If you frequent shop on jack and Jill, then you need to think about getting a J Jill credit card.
Continue reading to find out whether you should do a J Jill credit card apply or not.  The credit card is a discount rewards card which encourages you to get discounts by using the card.
The j Jill credit card can only be used at Jack and Jill.  It is limited to only one store, but frequent jack and Jill customers will find it of great use.  However, you have to be diligent when it comes to making your monthly payments.
There are advantages to owning the card. You will get a 5% discount every time you buy something from the store using the card.   You will also get 10% in your birthday month. There is also a 10% off when you make your first purchase with the card.
The downside comes in the interest rate. It is a bit high. The interest rate is 26.99%.  If you are sure that you will be paying your bill in full every month, then you will not feel the pinch of the high-interest rate.  In that case, you need to make a J Jill credit card application. You have to check if the rewards are worth it in your case.
Some of the features that you will enjoy include chip and signature, no annual fees and mobile pay ready.  You will be required to pay a late payment fee of up to $35 if you pay after the deadline. You will pay a returned payment fee of up to $25.  The J Jill credit card also has no rewards.
When you qualify for the credit card, you will get some discounts automatically.  There are also travel benefits.


  • Customers enjoy discounts on jack and Jill purchases
  • There is no annual fee


  • It has high-interest rates
  • There is no rewards program

if you are looking to register with them, then you can register using the online application.also, the cardholder can manage their account using their online web access .
The jack and Jill credit card has some of the negative that majority of the store credit cards have. The card has a high-interest rate.  If you are not sure that you can make your J Jill credit card payment in full every month, then you need to stay clear off this card.   In case you have a balance that is carried forward every month, then you will be paying huge sums of money. You will be better off with a non-store credit card.  There are many options at your rewards credit card ,carson credit card are similar and recommended credit cards.


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