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Benefits of IHG Rewards Credit Card

If you are a vacation lover, then you will be sure to love the IHG Rewards Credit Card. This is considering that the IHG Rewards Credit Card offers when it comes to the hotel, is one of the best you will ever find.
Several IHG Rewards Credit Card Reviews testifies to the fact that it has the lowest yearly fee when compared to other hotel credit cards. You also get a certificate to enjoy a free night at a hotel every year, another benefit, which is offered only by IHG Rewards Credit Card.
If you frequently lodge at IHG hotels, then for every 1 USD spent at the hotel, you will get 5 points. Here are some benefits of IHG Rewards Credit Card application and usage.

Ihg credit card Card Approval is Very Easy

For most of Chase’s cards, there is a policy where you will not get approval for those cards, if you have within the last 24 months, applied for over 5 cards.
Fortunately, this policy does not apply to every card of which the IHG credit card is one of them. The implication is that, even if you have applied for over 5 cards within the last 24 months, then you could still get approved for the credit card if you meet all the conditions.

IHG Platinum Status

If you opt for the IGH Rewards Club Select Card, then you will be able to enjoy a platinum status. The platinum status comes with some additional benefits for you.
On the one hand, you can get upgrades when you visit IHG hotels without any extra charges. Furthermore, you also enjoy a bonus of 50 percent for every point you have earned. You will be able to maintain the platinum status for as long as you have the credit card.

Get a Refund of 10 percent for Redeemed Points

With your IGH Rewards Credit Card, you can get a refund of 10 percent of points that you have redeemed. You can get a refund of up to 100,000 points every year.
This implies that the refund is limited to a maximum of 1 million points every year, to give the 10 percent redeemed points of the maximum 100,000.  It is also possible for you to buy points from IHG at prices that are very reasonable and then further get a 10 percent refund on those points when you redeem them.

Free Night at IHG Hotel

The IHG Rewards Credit Card comes with a yearly fee of $49. The yearly fee is reputed to be the lowest you will ever get for a hotel credit card. However, the yearly fee also comes with a perk of a free night certificate.
This certificate gives you the permission to spend a free night at any property belonging to IHG of your choice.

Great Sign-up Bonus

A great sign-up bonus is available when you get the IHG Rewards Credit card. If within the first 3 months of opening your account, you spend $1,000, then you get a bonus of 60,000 points. Redeeming the bonus further gives you a 6,000 points refund. its little bit similar to the kays credit card

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