Buying Jewelry is easier than ever [Helzberg credit card]

The process of buying jewelry is only getting easier and smoother with the Helzberg credit card. You can have a stress and hassle-free jewelry shopping with multiple financing options at both Helzberg stores close to you and Helzberg easy to use online shopping services.
In fact, most of the Helzberg customers apply for the card for special financing opportunities.
After the quick and easy online application and approval in seconds, you can make your jewelry shopping experience more beneficial by paying with a Helzberg credit card.
No min purchase on products and services is necessary to use your card. Helzberg capital one credit card is brought to you by the joint operation of Helzberg and Capital One.  

The vast range of the Helzberg credit card benefits includes

  • A decent credit line for those special days when you need at most, interest-free promotional financing plans up to 12 months,
  • Special financing options up to 60 months with low-interest rates compare to the annual percentage rates of the other credit cards,
  • Your purchases will be delivered to your door for free of charge within the US,
  • Exclusive advance notice of upcoming sales, new arrivals, and events to cardholders
  • Secure online, Helzberg account management. With convenient and quick Helzberg credit card login, easily make your Helzberg credit card payments, view statements, update profile, and access your account 24/7.

Once you apply online today, you will most probably be approved in seconds, because, it is not necessary to have a good credit score to have a Helzberg credit card. And, start the purchase right away. The application doesn’t take more than a few minutes.
The questions, such as name, address, and social security number are straightforward and easy to answer questions, which are necessary for government officials to deal with domestic and foreign threats.

What are the financing options?

Promotional financial plans include interest-free financing. if the full amount paid in full in 6 and 12 months. There is a no min requirement for 6-month financing, and there is a min $749 requirement for 12-month financing.
If the full amount is not paid at the end of 6 or 12 months, the interest rate will be applied to your balance starting from the purchase date at the APR of 24.9% to 26.9%, which is your standard credit card rate.
You can also finance your purchases of min $1499 with equal payments at the APR rate of 7.99% – 17.99% up to 36 months. Additionally, you can finance your purchases min $4999 with equal payments at the APR rate of 9.99%.

What are the other benefits of the card?

Helzberg diamond credit card benefits are not only limited to financing but also there is a birthday special of $50 off for any purchase above $250 on your birthday.
Altogether, there are promotions, discounts, and rewards at Helzberg every day. With a single credit card, you get all the benefits and rewards of both Helzberg jewelry as well as all the promotional financing options up to 60 months.
Be sure to sign up for the email program to first know about the promotions and special day event. if you are looking to get more rewards for vehicle purchase or vehicle parts purchase then  ford credit card  is best and for fuels Wawa credit card is the best for you .


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