For those who do not want to pay annual fee [Fry’s Credit Card]

Fry’s Credit Card: You can make convenient shopping at Fry’s stores at any time while you can also benefit from no interest promotional plan opportunities up to 36 months. Why would pay at once while you can stretch it up to 36 months with no interest Besides, Fry’s credit card allows the cardholders to benefit from surprise discounts at the stores according to their preferences.

With Fry’s Credit Card;

  • You will not pay an annual card fee,
  • You will benefit from financing privileges offered by Fry’s on purchases,
  • With Fry’s secure online services, you can easily access your accounts and take advantage of individual banking services such as viewing account summaries, monthly transaction activities, and make payments online at free of charge,
  • No late fees as long as you make full minimum payment before the due date during promotional plan of your choice,
  • You can easily change your due dates either online or call our toll free number,
  • If you wish, you can apply for an additional card for your relatives and make them use the Fry’s credit card.

All these great features come with absolutely no annual fee.

Fry’s Credit Card Application;

the process is similar to bon ton and teamster credit card, You can apply to Fry’s credit card by only walking at Fry’s stores. Fry’s application process is so easy. Simply fill out a form, and answer a few questions. You will be able to use your card upon approval. The interest rate is 26.99% on purchases for everybody regardless of your credit rating. Bad credit, no credit? No problem, you will still get the same APR rate just like everybody else.

Pay Monthly Statements Anyway You Want;

Fry’s credit card monthly statement payments are not only limited to online banking, but also can be made at Fry’s stores, pay by phone, or pay by mail.
Moreover, most people apply for Fry’s credit card for financing opportunities. Many products at Fry’s stores come with promotional plan privileges up to 36 months. It is a great deal as long as you pay off before the promotional period ends. Therefore, here is the friendly key reminder: After the promotional period, there will be interest for the full purchase amount starting from the date of purchase so that you need to pay attention to that.

What is Fry’s gift card?

You can get gift cards at Fry’s stores, online or by just calling us. Let your loved ones and friends enjoy great discounts and benefits at Fry’s. All they have to do is present the card at the register. The amount will be deducted from the card. Be sure to check the gift card balance before going to register.
While you can check gift card balances online or simply calling our toll free number, you can also fuel the existing gift cards to the amount you want, or even purchase new ones. Of course, you can add value to your gift card at the register.
Moreover, your gift card will never expire as long as you don’t have zero balance in the card more than 90 days.

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