Best Credit Card for saving money while shopping ( Evine credit card Review)

As you may know, Evine is an online shop which provides a wide variety of products, from jewelry to electronics; almost anything. This is why so many customers use it and why they came out with a great idea, the Evine credit card. It gives their customers the opportunity of using their online business with some extra benefits.
If you want to know a little more about this card, keep reading! You will see for yourself why it is such a good idea to get one, and how can it improve your online shopping experience.

Why should you use it?

In an increasingly electronic world such as ours, we want everything to be faster and simpler. Evine’s credit card achieves it by providing the customers a better online service since you can shop as usual and, at the same time, benefit from a credit score and several rewards for frequent purchases.
Some of this benefit include:

  • Exclusive offers
  • Free shipping offers
  • Lower interest

Beside these savings, you will also get $10 free credit for your first purchase! but you will have to use it quickly since it is only available for 30 days after you open your account.

How to apply?

As was said before, we like to keep things simple! That’s why “simple” is what you get when filling the Evine credit card application. You can either apply it online or by phone but, if you have any questions, there is a customer service available for you at any time. Use it!

How is the Evine credit card payment?

There are several ways you can use to pay for your card:

  • Online: you will just need to have an online account on Evine, and, since its issuer is the Synchrony Bank, you will be able to see your billing statements and payments as well as update your personal information on your account. Being able to manage your account online is a great way to keep posted!
  • Phone: it is less used, but you can also pay by phone, contacting the following number: 1-866-597-1513.
  • Mail: not many people choose this option, but is great to have it! Evine has a credit card payment mailing address for you to use it by sending your account number.

The great majority of us will use the online option, but it is refreshing to know that the Evine’s credit card payment can be done in so many ways, it tells you that they really care about every customer and their preferences regarding the Evine credit card apply and payment. A personalized solution!

Does it have a good customer service?

A company’s customer service says a great deal about how they do business. Once again, Evine provides three different ways in order to contact them for any question or problem we may have. On their website, you can find an email, phone number and address, as well as a very comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page, that includes the main issues the customers could have (shipping, information, promotions, payment…).

What do the customers say?

If you surf the internet looking for Evine credit card reviews, you will find that most of them are the many offers it provides, such as the free shipping or the $10 discount. With such benefits and other advantages as their great customer service, it is not unusual that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive!

We recommend it

If you like shopping online while saving some money, don’t hesitate! Get your Evine credit card now and start enjoying all the benefits it provides. It is easy as pie! Brinks Prepaid Mastercard also saves your money while shopping. 

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