Best Money Saving Credit Card Forever [ Ebates Credit Card ]

The Ebates credit card is issued by Ebates Credit Card and Synchrony Bank. The bank was founded on the 12th of September 2003 and has been in operation for over 14 years.
The headquarters of the financial services company is in Stamford and they had about 15,000 employees as at 2016. They offer a wide range of services including installment lending, loyalty programs, and personal financing as well as credit cards.

How Ebates Credit Card Works

It is very easy to apply for the Ebates credit card. The application can be done at Synchrony bank or Ebates Credit Card online application . You will click on the join now button to apply for the credit card, which will open a simple form. After filling the form, you will be able to start using your Ebates credit card and enjoying a wide range of benefits.


Before applying for the Ebates credit card, it is important that you meet their terms and condition. You will have to be above 18 years and you will also require a good credit rating. As a result of the fact that it requires an upper echelon credit, over 40 percent of Americans might not be able to get the card.
Considering the fluctuating nature of credit scores, it is best that you confirm your credit score before you apply for the credit card.

Benefits of using the Ebates Credit Card

There are several benefits you get to enjoy from having an Ebates card, starting from the fact that you do not have to pay Ebates credit card annual fee, (other cards that you don’t want to pay annual fees  frys credit card, Jared credit card ,Old Navy Credit Card ) since it is free to use. newegg credit card also has no any interest for the credit card holder.
Furthermore, you will be able to get a lot of other savings when you use the Ebates credit card. When you use the card for a first purchase, you get a bonus of $10.
Also, you get 3 percent extra cash back for most of your purchases.  apart from the 3 percent, shopping at different stores gives you different cash back percentage, which could range from 1 percent to 40 percent.
              If for example, you use your card at Ebates Hotels, you get 7 percent cash back added to the initial 3 percent extra cash back, making a total of 10 percent cash back.
Ebates credit card offers to give you a total of 6 percent cash back when you shop at KOHL’s, 9 percent cash back when you shop at ‘The magic of Macy’s’, 11 percent cash back when you shop at SEPHORA, 4 percent cash back when you shop at Walmart and 13 percent cash back when you shop at JCPenny.
You can also use your Ebates Credit card with Apple Pay and you can enjoy all the benefits of Ebates card on the Apple Pay as well.

Getting the Best Value out of your Ebates Credit Card

To get the best value from your Ebates Visa credit card, you should pay up your bill at the end of every month.
             This will help you maximize your savings and ensure you are not at risk of up to $38 late fees. You should also note that a 3 percent foreign transaction fee is attached to the card.

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