Are you ready to choose your discount tire credit card?

No matter where you live, use your Discount Tire credit card at any auto tire shop, and you can take the advantage of exclusive discounts on the most exclusive collection of tires. While Discount tire gives you plenty of tire options, it makes your life easier with discounts and financing options on purchases.
Discount Tire Direct credit card is one of the credit card family members of Synchrony Bank that can be used at any auto tire shop and Discount Tire Direct website.
The card is also a member of the Car Care One network. This network helps the auto shops all over the US providing plenty of rewards. It is an excellent choice when a discount is needed for the tires.
How to apply for the discount tire credit card?
You can apply for the card by simply filling out an online application form, and answer a few questions, including name, address, and social security number. You will be approved in a matter of days. Once you receive your card, activate it by registering it online. Another method for activating the card is calling the customer service, and ask for further instructions to activate your card.
You can view and manage any kind of account activities and services once you log in your account. We welcome you to Discount Tire Direct with internet account services that make your life easier.
 By means of internet services, you can access your accounts in our bank in a secure environment and quickly and easily carry out all kinds of credit card services, including making Discount Tire payment 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access and from any device, such as computers, tablets, smartphones. After fast and easy registration, you will have access to your account, and make Discount Tire credit card payment.
How does Discount Tire financing options work with the card?
You do not have to have cash at Discount Tire Stores! You can pay with a specially designed credit card. No interest if you pay fully in the agreed period of 6, 9 or even 12 months. You can take advantage of the different rewards offered by Synchrony Bank. Interest-free financing with:

  • A purchase of $199-$999.99 with a promise to pay in full in 6 months,
  • A purchase of $1000-$1499.99 with a  promise to pay in full in 9 months,
  • A min purchase of $1500 with a promise to pay in full in 12 months.

With a single card you get all the discounts of Discount Tire stores and Discount Tire Direct website as well as all the financing of a credit card up to 12 months.
What are the other features of the Discount Tire credit card?

  • No Annual Fee,
  • 26.99% APR on purchases,
  • Cash advance APR and Fee not applicable,
  • Late payment fee up to $35.

What are Discount Tire coupons?
Don’t forget your coupons at the time of the purchase. The coupon amount either will be deducted from the total amount, or you will get a rebate up to $320 by mail. Or, free shipping in some cases. There are coupons for all budgets, either you buy one tire or the full set of 4 tires. Please be sure to check our coupons before the purchase.

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