Why you should consider switching to DCU Credit Card

Let’s face it. We all want a good place to store our hard-earned cash. We want the best credit card service out there. We want the one that offers great rates, numerous benefits, and quick customer care. It all sums up to the quality of service that the credit card provides. Lucky for you, DCU credit card provides you all of that.

What is DCU?

In case you have not heard of it yet, DCU stands for Digital Federal Credit Union. It is just like any other bank, with a catch. It is a non-profit financial institution. The members own the DCU and the DCU serves them in return in the form of financial services. More than 700 companies and organizations choose DCU as the credit union. DCU serves more than 500,000 members and their families in all 50 states. That is no amateur number!

What does the DCU Credit Card provide?

By now, you’re probably intrigued by the success of this credit union. But you are more curious about DCU credit card benefits. When it comes to the credit card services, there are three products you can choose from.
You have DCU Visa Platinum, DCU Visa Platinum Rewards, and DCU Visa Platinum Secured. ( primor credit card one of another best-secured credit card)All of these three products have:

  • No annual fee
  • No cash advance fee
  • No balance transfer fee
  • Mobile application: “Mobile Wallets” that serves as a virtual wallet
  • And many more benefits!

However, all three of them have three distinct differences that make them unique to each situation.
The DCU Visa Platinum offers a whopping 9.50% annual percentage rate. It offers you their lowest interest rates.
The DCU Visa Platinum Secured offers 12.50% annual percentage rate. It also offers card convenience when you rebuild your credit, and let you borrow against savings.
The DCU Visa Platinum Rewards offers annual percentage rates as low as 12.25%. Plus, it has a system of reward on every purchase. You save up points on every purchase you make with the DCU Visa Platinum Rewards. You can redeem these points you saved up from your purchase for travel, gift cards, merchandise, and more with this product!

What do the customers say?

Perhaps you still need some more convincing. Maybe you think that all of these benefits are too good to be true. Actually, they are good, and they are true. All three products receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from their users. All three products prove to be useful to many people, even to students!
If you hurry now, there is a limited time offer available for you! You will get 1% cashback on every DCU visa credit card purchase from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve. That is a bargain!

Our Recommendation

If you are new to the entire credit service system, we suggest you start with the DCU Visa Platinum Rewards. It offers you all the benefits and features that DCU has to offer, with reasonable rates. So don’t wait and start saving now!

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