Most important part of the Credit Pull Database

Credit card churning game can be discouraging, this can sometimes grow into stern issues like not getting your credit card accepted. Countless times, the banks may refer to “too many new accounts”, and other times they may refer to the number of current inquiries.
However, there are three major credit reporting agencies and they are Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Many banks usually only pull your report from one credit card applications. This enables you to spread out your inquiries to make your credit biodata look better to the bank.
Checking each of your credit card report to determine the reporting agency used by a bank in the past might not be the most convenient way of going about it. However, CreditBoards upholds a “Credit Pulls Database”. This is the database that holds all data submitted by members of their site. This data given by members are always updated and exact.
The Credit Pulls Database is a tool one can use with ease as it permits users to search by the credit agency, creditor, state, and score required. For instance, the creditor field will provide a place where you can type in the name of your bank or the name of the product in concern. It is essential to make inquiries about agencies used by banks and their different products. This will aid you to get a better search result since most banks use different agencies for their several products.
Immediately after the search, the result will be displayed in the order of new to old. This result will contain information’s like approval status, date, score and several other important data.

Shortfalls of credit pull database

  • Unapproved Users Input: Several unvetted users have full access to the credit pulls database contribution platforms as well as other online discussion platforms and as result views erred could be untruthful or biased. However, the website was built for good intention but failed to provide a verification process for user data and cardholder. Furthermore, its ToS disclaims accountability for “the content of your messages, and the consequences of any such messages.”
  • Underwriting Simplification: Credit-pulls database sites are meant to aid you to foresee your odds of credit-card approval. But the platform has done the otherwise by making it the purpose unfeasible with the high odds of wasting time and money. This can be attributed to the haphazard collection of other user’s application results, credit scores and credit limits the sites offer as they are likely to encourage negative imprints and corrupt decisions than sound, money-saving choices. (negative credit card balance)


Credit Pulls database is among the famous tool employed to help people figure out the reporting agency that will generate a credit report based on application and the amount of score to attain to get them qualified or approved for card. The procedure is easy and its listed below

  • Log on to
  • select Credit Pulls choice from the menu bar.
  • Enter the creditor name; the search could be done either by company name or card
  • Select and click your state and proceed to search.


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