Best Credit Card to Manage your money [ Brinks Prepaid MasterCard ]

The Brinks Prepaid Mastercard implies that it cannot only be used when you have funds inside. This is as opposed to the credit card, where you have a spending limit after your card is empty and then you are expected to pay back the extra amount you have spent after some period of time. The Brink Credit Card is a product of the partnership between a TSYS company NetSpend and Brink’s Global Payments LLC.
The card is issued by the BofL Federal Card, which implies that your money is FDIC secured. There are thus many benefits to owning the card. Brinks has been in the financial services since 1959, which is over 150 years, securing valuables and cash that belongs to the public. The fact that they are still standing today is due to the fact that they have continued to provide top-notch services to their clients.

Applying for a Brinks Prepaid Mastercard

It is very easy to apply for the Brinks Prepaid Mastercard. The fact that it is a Mastercard, means that there will be no need to carry out a credit check on the individual before he is issued the card. Approval is therefore guaranteed and it takes a much lesser time to process. Individuals who want the card can apply by following this. Fill the form on it and you will be able to get the credit card within a few days.

Types of Brinks Debit Card

There are 3 Brinks Mastercard you are expected to choose from. The major differences between the credit card are the purchase fees attached which could be between $0 and $2 as well as the monthly fees which could range between $0 and $9.95. The cards are briefly discussed below:
The Preferred Fee Plan: This plan has a monthly fee of $5. The plan includes signature and PIN purchases. However, you can only qualify after you have set up a minimum of $500 direct deposit.
Monthly Fee Plan: For this plan, you are charged a monthly fee of $9.95. You, however, do not pay additional fees or charges for signature and PIN purchases.
Pay-As-You-Go-Plan: You are not expected to pay any monthly fee for this card. A PIN purchase transaction, however, incurs a charge of $2 while signature purchase transaction incurs $1. You will have to pay an account maintenance fee of $5.95 if you do not use the card for 90 days.

Other Features of the Card

Here are some other features that come with your Brinks money card:

  • 3.5 percent international transaction fee.
  • $2.5 and $4.95 dollar ATM withdrawal fee for out of network and international withdrawals respectively.
  • $9.95 Brinks prepaid MasterCard/activate replacement fee
  • $15,000 maximum balance
  • $15,000 daily direct deposit
  • $940 daily limit for ATM withdrawal.

Benefits of Brinks Prepaid Master Card
There are a number of benefits to using Brinks prepaid Mastercard including:

  • Top notch brinks money card customer service
  • Large reload network
  • FDIC insured funds
  • Approval is guaranteed as there are no credit checks
  • You don’t need to worry about accruing interest on your credit.
  • Does not have minimum balance

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