Best Credit Card in the West [Best Western Credit Card]

What is the concern for every traveler? Accommodation. We all have been there. When we want to go somewhere, where you will stay will be the first question. We all want to stay somewhere that gives us the best experience. also, we want high-quality services. We want to stay in a place where it feels like home. Plus, we want to enjoy all of that with a reasonable price. Lucky for you, Best Western provides you just that.

What is Best Western?

Best Western International, Inc. is a privately owned hotel brand. It has more than 4,000 hotels worldwide. It offers services to suit the needs of every kind of customers in need for its peerless accommodation. With 10 unique hotel brands, with its own personality and style, Best Western aims to cater to every customer’s taste. Its loyalty program alone has more than 22 million members. You don’t see that high a number every day!

What Best Western Credit Card Offers

Keeping their customer’s convenience in mind, Best Western Credit Card offers all the services that only the best could. Their service aims to provide you remote and convenient access to your balance 24/7. You do not need to trouble yourself with the paperwork ever again! In fact, you do not even need to carry money around with you. With a Best Western Credit Card, you can make purchases with a simple swipe of the card. It is that simple.
In addition to those services, Best Western credit card offers you the best protection. It has fraud protection against identity theft, and the chip gives your card an extra layer of security!
Plus, there are two products you can choose from. Both cards have a reward system that rewards loyal customers. With Best Western credit card, you can earn points from your stay at Best Western. Then, you can redeem your points for gift cards, free room nights, merchandise, and many more! You can go for Best Western Rewards or Best Western Rewards Premium to start enjoying the Best Western rewards system.

The Best Western Rewards credit card offers you:

  • No annual fee (other credit cards with no annual fees )
  • 13 points for each dollar spent on your stay at Best Western
  • Automatic Gold Rewards status
  • Earn up to 2 free nights with bonus points

Or, if you want to enjoy the full benefit that Best Western has to offer, go for Best Western Rewards Premium. It offers:

  • 20 points for each dollar spent on your stay at Best Western
  • Automatic Platinum Rewards status
  • Earn up to 4 free nights with bonus points

Our Recommendation

If you are a frequent traveler who stays at Best Western very often, then we strongly suggest you apply for the credit card. Best Western wants to reward its loyal customers with its new products. There is no reason for you to deny the opportunity to make the biggest bang out of your bucks. However, if you are new to Best Western, you should still apply for a Best Western credit card.

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